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Kids; little itty bitty tiny human beings who are able to steal your hearts in one quick motion. They deserve all the good things life has to offer, thus meaning also having comfortable apparels to wear when going on various adventures and explorations. PRIME as a basic apparel brands aims to provide everyone in any […]

Mothers Day

Parents, mothers, should be appreciated in every little thing we do. Though in May 9 specifically is a special day to further appreciate and give back what you can to your mothers. A bond between a mother and child is irreplacable, with them loving every single inch of you, regardless of the mistakes you’ve made. […]

A Peek of #PRIMEWoman

Woman faces challenges through out the history. Woman shall be entitled of what they are capable of and being recognise for it. PRIME® celebrates with taking a peek of some woman (Geralda Winona, Deborah Wangsaputri, Jelita Clough, and Christine Laifa) and their daily activities, to listen their thoughts regarding a month celebration of woman. What […]

True Color

Earlier this year, PRIME Apparel has released a new initiative that aims to spark confidence and let everyone know that it’s okay to show your #truecolor in the saturated world we live in today. This story-telling moment features six fascinating personalities wrapped in our essential garments; Nadya @sailormoney, Ray Shabir @rayshabir, Aldo Lim @aldooolim, Chloe Clau @chloeclau, Jordan Lee @imnotjordaddy, and Ian […]