Sollution for Pollution

During this day and age, due to various reasons the majority of people still prefers to commute privately with the comfort of their own vehicles. Though you are able to reach your destination much faster and ofcourse more comfortably, it is also important to highlight the effects it has on our planet. One of which is the amount of pollution we create, even just by going on a short trip to your local minimarket.

We were able to ask Ekrig Prathama, Amira Syifa, as well as Lecorsa Messenger to share the little things they do to hopefully heal mother earth. PRIME wanted to encourage others to contribute a little help in reducing pollution by slowly but surely doing the things mentioned below.

Ekrig shares with us on how he was addicted to biking more than ever. Not just as a way of communiting, biking has also been proven improve your health. He also shares the issue that lays in front of us and how we can solve it. Click here to find out more.

Another method of commuting would be by MRT; a new and exciting way for you to travel. Amira explains on how MRT as an alternative transportation to reduce the pollution makes her daily life effective and efficient. Take a look on her daily routines on MRT here

The last thing we could all start doing is by using Lecorsa Messenger which is an “alternative” messenger that offers environmentally friendly ways to deliver your film waste. Using bike as their choice of transportation, and believing that it is the most efficient option for transportation. Take a look on what they have to say on how to reduce the pollution here.

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