Mothers Day

Parents, mothers, should be appreciated in every little thing we do. Though in May 9 specifically is a special day to further appreciate and give back what you can to your mothers. A bond between a mother and child is irreplacable, with them loving every single inch of you, regardless of the mistakes you’ve made. Therefore in this mothers day, PRIME wanted to highlight certain relationships between a mother and her child that may seem atypical for some.

PRIME asked Nadya, Ralvi, Anya, and Ian to share the things that might seem unconventional to some yet their does not change how they are perceived by their mothers. If anything, they are their biggest supporters, always uplifting and allowing their childrens to explore their boundaries by expressing themselves.

Starting with Nadya, the saying “I personally don’t like tattoos”, is something she hears almost daily; a perception that has been overcome by her mom through out the years. The differences between the two didn’t stop each other to respect and support what matters the path that they took. Both Nadya and her mom shares with us their relationship. Click to know more here.

@nadcil and her mom

Meanwhile, Ralvi has to deal with stereotyping regarding having to work at a corporate office as a male individual. The stigma of a men to work at a corporate jobs did came to Ralvi’s mom at the first place, but she believed otherwise. Ralvi and mom shares with us on how their presence to one another matters and how they appreciate each other existence. Continue watching here.

 @ivlar and his mom

Anya, a model and actress based in Jakarta shares how her mother initially was not the most excited when it comes to being a model. Although they have different opinions on life choices, Anya and her mom shows that in the end the most important thing is Anya’s happiness. What she wanted is Anya to be comfortable with herself no matter what choices she choose on her life. Through disagreement they have found a bond that kept the two closer more than ever. Find out more here.

@anya.zen and her mom

Lastly, Ian shares with us the journey of getting her mom to accept her as who she is, a woman with strong principles and limitless goals. Ian and her mom build their relationship over accepting each other. Her mom compromises overtime and believes that no matter what, Ian will always be her child. Through times and love within each other, their relationship are now stronger than ever. Click here to find out more.

@_ianhugen_ and her mom

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