A Peek of #PRIMEWoman

Woman faces challenges through out the history. Woman shall be entitled of what they are capable of and being recognise for it. PRIME® celebrates with taking a peek of some woman (Geralda Winona, Deborah Wangsaputri, Jelita Clough, and Christine Laifa) and their daily activities, to listen their thoughts regarding a month celebration of woman.

What do you do to make you happy everyday ?

Winona : I take joy in being a woman as an act to live my role. I take pride in caring and adding meaning to little things that surrounds me. 

Deborah : I’ve been allowing myself to rest more and enjoy the simple things in life such as hulahooping while brushing my teeth in the morning, waiting for my face mask to dry while sowing seeds with my dog, and taking nice long walks in the great outdoors 🧡

Deborah Wangsaputri

Jelita : Just watching everybody applies their skills in everything in whatever possible outputs they’re capable of and I think that’s inspiring and inspires my work.

Christine : There are no certain routines, but what I do is get enough sleep, have time for myself, especially at WFH, because the work is longer due being done at home, I cut off at 6pm and turn off the laptop, then in the morning I start at 9.

What makes you proud of being a woman ?

Winona : Nothing too complicated. I take joy in being a woman as an act of living my role. It can mean differently to other people, but I take pride in caring, and adding meaning to little things that surround me. Like making a flower arrangement, for instance! It’s made to celebrate my parents’ anniversary. A little gesture that will hopefully add warmth to their day. 

Geralda Winona

Deborah : I’m truly thankful and proud to be a woman especially at this day and age. I can have my own thoughts, opinions, and genuinely express myself. I’m seeing change in our generation and the perception of women which really excites me !  It naturally inspires and creates opportunity and hope to everyone in this world. 

Jelita : Looking at my mom, basically seeing her raise me and going through her struggles and raising her children and also being an independent woman very inspiring to me and makes me very proud that I’m a woman and I’m able to apply everything that I learned from her about being a woman into my life.

Christine : We are in a unique position where we are celebrated and marginalised at the same time and we are expected to do a lot. People expect a lot from us, but often that ability is not considered as good as men, I think it also draws that women are resilience, we can do so much but we might not say too much about it.

Why we should celebrate being a woman ?

Winona : Celebrate your ability to feel! As a woman, I embrace the sensitivity that I have towards others and the world around me. I think it’s a blessing to be able to feel deeper and understand wider. Empathy leads you to see in various perspective. In different colours.

Deborah : THE FUTURE IS FLUID 🧡 I think it’s important to celebrate everyone ! It’s always nice to be celebrated in anyway.

Jelita : Woman have always been fighting for rights education and the stigma that still surrounds us today, I think that’s the main reason why we should celebrate being a woman.

Christine : We are born by women and that’s enough to celebrate us, we are a human as well, we are not second-class citizen.

Christine Laifa

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