Age is Just a Number

In this day and age, its easy to forget what you truly want and need since stereotypes with the additional presence of certain social media has affected our point of view and/or decision making in many ways that we, sometimes do not realize. Even the most important things in life such as our life timeline; as in our goals and when we want to achieve them, has been unconsciously set up by our environment.

Even though some people are starting to become more aware on tailoring their priorities to how they want them to be, it is not uncommon that people are still being pressured to reach a certain level of success at a pre-determined age to be “accepted”.

PRIME®️ is on a mission to erase standards that people has created for one another and to normalize the different paces of life that people has set for themselves. Introducing our six remarkable muses: @akafets, @beyondestiano, Mr.Kimura, @rajanadhira@dets.moves , and @jelita610 who represents the essence of living your life to the fullest by pursuing their passion and not letting people’s opinions affect their life choices.⠀


We asked a few questions to our muses starting from what new year resolution means to them to their prime thing in life.⠀

Mr. Kimura

Starting with Mr. Kimura, an individual who is very dedicated to his work but is also keen to gain new experiences; one of the things being becoming one of our creative muses! Here are his answers from our mini interview.

Q: What do you consider as the prime thing in life? 

A: “Forever young” is my prime thing in life. Young spirit always helps to explore something new in my life.

Q: What gets better with age?

A: Achieve things faster and easier though my past accumulated experience and being more kind to others.

Q: What are your top 3 resolutions in the year 2021?  

A: Master bahasa Indonesia to connect with more people here, improve my skill for skateboarding, and increase [number of] PRIME fan because it [feels] so good to wear it.


Next up, we have @dets.moves, a mother of two who is seemingly good at everything; including staying zen 24/7 (She’s a yoga instructor!).

Q: What do you consider as the prime thing in life?

A: The prime thing in life is being able to be happy under any circumstance. Even though i admit that i have not reached this point, i would love to be able to be in more control of my own happiness. What I meant by this is due to this pandemic, people who ‘relies’ on traveling and completing their goals to be happy have the tendency to be unhappy caused by obvious setbacks. I personally think that people could constantly be happy; day or night, famished or full, and in sickness or in health, true happiness is happiness that comes from within.

Q: What gets better with age? 

A: Experience. The most visible difference could be seen with my kids and i. I have been through points that they have not reached or even thought of yet. although it is important to remember that the experience that i’ve gathered would not have been that useful without goals that i’ve set for myself.

Q: How do you feel towards 2020? 

A: The year 2020 has become a year full of lessons. It reminds us of the importance of being a person with true and honest conscience. This year has made this lesson much easier to understand, that as an individual who still has the chance to be here, i should have my very own vision and mission.


Our third muse, @akafets is a laid back person who enjoys cycling and traveling. Although he enjoys to lay low and experience the good things in life, he is also active in a lot of local entities within the creative industry. Here are his answers from our interview.

Q: What do you consider as the prime thing in life? 

A: Balance and meaning.

Q: What gets better with age? 

A: Whisky, wits, and wrinkles.

Q: How do you stay focused on your own goal and not get distracted by what others have set for themselves? 

A: Not a question for me. I get distracted all the time. But I guess I often see them as an aid or a reminder of what I pursue, rather than a distraction. I’m an opportunist like that. 


Our fourth muse, @jelita610 is a 23 year old individual who stands by the things she believes in. Choosing to pursue and strengthen her career in the creative indsutry, she shares her opinions on how she stays focus on her own goals.

Q: What do you consider as the prime thing in your life? 

A: The prime thing in my life is myself hahaha [not in a] selfish [way], but I think its important to consider yourself your first priority before others, because your relationship towards other factors in your life is a reflection of your relationship with yourself.

Q: What does new year resolution mean to you? and if I may askk what your new year resolution for 2021 is? 

A: The concept of new years resolutions to me is just another spark for motivation to evaluate how you have been living your life, what changes (if any) you need to make.. it doesn’t always have to be during the new years. My resolution for 2021 is to maintain the values and principles I learned in 2020 because I acquired a lot of self-growth through the struggles I faced in 2020.

Q: How do you stay focused on your own goal and not get distracted by what others have set for themselves? 

A: I think it’s great to have a goal and if that goal is what the universe has written for you to achieve, then nothing will pull you away from it. If you are distracted/pulled away from it, I think that’s the universe telling you to reset your goals that better fits your ambitions and principles.


Our second to last muse, @rajanadhira is our second yoga teacher that loves her family, moving, learning, as well as attemtping equanimity. She shares her opinion on how she stays focused on her own goal.

Q: What do you consider as the prime thing in your life? 

A: Accepting everything that comes my way, both good and bad. It’s a constant learning process.

Q: How do you feel towards 2020? 

A: It was inconvenient to say the least . A chance to practice gratitude, acceptance, and compassion. Keyword here being practice, as in I’m not 100% there yet.

Q: How do you stay focused on your own goal and not get distracted by what others have set for themselves? 

A: Do your best and let go of the rest! Goals are important as a form of motivation, but it’s also good to realise that not everything is under our control. Focus your attention on your efforts and your unique process. And if you still find yourself in an endless game of comparison, it might help to reduce time spent on social media.

Last but definitely not least, is @beyondestiano who has endless smiles and talents including singing, acting, and so much more. Scroll down to read his answers from our mini interview.

Q: What do you consider as the prime thing in your life? 

A: Money. It is not an uncommon thing to hear the saying ‘money is not everything’ (and it is true to those who no longer has to worry about their financial situation) but quite frankly money means a lot to me, especially during this time. Safe to say that once you have money, you are free to do anything you want.

Q: What does new year resolution mean to you? 

A: I’m the type of person who lives for today; tomorrow’s problems & possibilities are things to worry tomorrow. Therefore i dont wait for new years to create new resolutions. it’s now or never. Maximize every opportunity that comes your way, and if i can say so, i would prefer to change the word ‘resolution’ to pray.

Q: How do you stay focused on your own goal and not get distracted by what others have set for themselves? 

A: I believe that everyone has their own sustenance. Therefore one of the things that i do in order to reach my goal is to be grateful. When we are grateful and trust God on the things that will be given to us, it is much easier for us to reach our goals. You don’t always have to follow every trend out there and compete with trendsetters. Remember that sustenance has been thought out for every individual.

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